IST Conference as low carb(on) Online Event

Due to the worldwide Covid19-pandemia, the uncertainties about travel restrictions and prohibitive or at least very-unfavorable protective social-distancing measures for larger events, we have decided to switch to a virtual Conference.

The first low carb(on) IST-Conference will remain to be hosted from Vienna. With all its experimental charm, it will allow you and the whole STRN community to meet and network with colleagues and practitioners worldwide and to continue academic and transdisciplinary discourses.

We are working on redesigning the session-formats, to assure that all accepted submissions for the IST2020 will be represented at the Conference in a suitable and convenient way and that the new conference-experience will also allow for intensive networking! We have more than 500 accepted

We are still in a phase of redesign and will keep you updated on the details for the various session formats and (organizational) requirements or necessary adaptations regarding presentation.

Please stay tuned – all updated deadlines and relevant information will be posted on our IST2020 website (, on Twitter (IST2020_Vienna)