IST 2020 Gallery Guidelines

Choice of the presentation format lies with the author. For example, contributions to the IST2020 Gallery can be short pre-recorded pitches (audio or video) in addition to the full paper, pre-recorded paper talks in a video-file (available as link in the IST2020 Gallery), posters, short slide presentations, Prezis, etc. (given technical feasibility).

We kindly ask the authors to upload all files for the IST2020 Gallery by 5th of August via EasyChairIn case you encounter difficulties in uploading (all) your files, please send them to (in case of large files, you can use a file sharing system like WeTransfer or send any other download link)

Some suggestions from your local organizing team on possible formats for the IST2020 Gallery (although not necessarily limited to them):

  • Full paper presentation with the IST2020 Gallery: the paper will be displayed as pdf; any (optional) pre-recorded files or slides are then an addition to the paper (for example a pre-recorded talk using presentation slides and audio comments or a 2-3minutes introduction video to the paper). Additionally, a brief CV or personal description of the authors can be displayed if you like.
  • Brief presentations as audio/video files (applicable for speed talk contributions or paper presentations)a pre-recorded talk of 5-10 minutes or 10-15 slides to introduce the topic and opening up questions/starting points for in-depth discussions
  • Poster presentations: the poster will be displayed in the Gallery, any additional CV of the author or weblinks are highly appreciated.

Data format guidelines

  • The audio/video files can be any standard format, e.g. MP4 audio file (mp4), Apple QuickTime Movie (mov), Windows media video file (wmv), WAVE audio file (wav), Audio video interleave file (avi) etc. Please bear in mind that precise, short but varied presentations are more convenient to watch than very long talks (if you like, you can also split your talk in two or three parts if that supports the content of your contribution)
  • We recommend to prepare posters as pdf (alternatively, you can also use GIF image (gif)
    JPEG image (jpeg, jpg), PNG image (png), HTML (html)
  • Ideally, presentation slides should be uploaded as PDF (extension pdf) (alternatively, you can also use Microsoft PowerPoint open XML document (pptx), PowerPoint presentation (ppt) or HTML (html).
  • Optional, you can provide a picture(s) for IST2020 Gallery (e.g. background pictures, infographics, profile pictures etc). Please don’t forget to provide the credits for the picture (within the file name) if they aren’t with you.

If you have more than one file, you can also jointly uploaded them as zip files.