IST2020 Conference Gallery (new!)

This new format combines flexible access to contributions and the option of live discussions on thematically grouped contributions. Contributions to the IST2020 Gallery are prerecorded and will be made accessible during the whole conference. This setting allows participants to have a closer look at the content at the time that suits them best. Participants will have the possibility to get in touch with the authors for discussions in a virtual meeting room at a dedicated “spotlight-time” that will be announced in the Conference program. Choice of the presentation format lies with the author. For example, contributions to the IST2020 Gallery can be short pre-recorded pitches (audio or video) in addition to the full paper, pre-recorded paper talks in a video-file (available as link in the IST2020 Gallery), posters, short slide presentations, Prezis, etc. (given technical feasibility).

We kindly ask the authors to upload all files for the IST2020 Gallery by 5th of August. Technical details and upload options are currently discussed and will be announced soon!

If you want to switch to the Gallery format, please send a brief email to with the subject line „Conference Gallery“ with your submission number and abstract title. We especially encourage those authors with more than one accepted contribution to check on their priorities, thank you!