Dialogue sessions

Dialogue sessions aim to stimulate discussion and debate around a particular thematic focus. These sessions are proposed by an external session organizer / chair with pre-agreed speakers. Dialogue sessions can be conceived to maximize audience participation. The session organizer can propose the precise format of the session, which could be a panel, a sequence of speakers, a debate or workshop. Submission of full papers is not required for dialogue sessions.

Dialogue Sessions durate 60 or 90 minutes. They will come in a variety of formats as determined by the session conveners. Contributors will be contacted by the conveners of their session for details on presentation length and discussion format. The conveners will be in contact with the local organizing team on the specific requirements for their session.

Conference schedule

If you can’t find your speed talk submission in the IST2020 schedule (please use the search button!) or in case you encounter difficulties with the tentative time slot, please contact us immediately at ist2020@ait.ac.at. Please note: all times are CEST (local time in Austria). You can also download the full schedule with all sessions as pdf here.

Wednesday, 19th Aug 2020

10:15-11:45 Parallel sessions (paper/dialogue session)

T1 Governance T2 Understanding Transitions T1 – T9 T9 Methodologies T9 Methodologies
DS 460: Confusion with Diffusion – Enriching the conceptual and empirical debate about the spread and institutionalization of urban transition experiments (Timo von Wirth, Marc Dijk, Jamal Shahin and Trisha Meyer) DS 186: Re-imaging Social Institutions for Sustainability and Human Flourishing (Ian Hughes, Brian Ó Gallachóir and Markus Glatz-Schmallegger) paper sessions DS 362 Designing Transitions in Real-World Laboratories: Tools for Change (Tobias Luthe, Haley Fitzpatrick and Justyna Swat) DS 232: Crafting impact assessments of transformative governance and mission-oriented innovation policies (Miriam Hufnagl, Florian Wittmann, Florian Roth, Ralf Lindner, Edgar Salas Gironés and Katharina Schiller)

12:00-13:30 Parallel sessions (paper/dialogue session)

T1 Governance T1 Governance T2 Understanding Transitions T2/T5 T6 Transitions in Practice UTT track T9 Methodologies
DS 216: Economic inequality and sustainability transitions (Toon Meelen, Tim Vlandas, Anne-Marie Parth and Koen Beumer) D253: Mission-oriented innovation policy in focus: roles, effects, and effectiveness (Jonas Torrens, Matthijs Janssen, Joeri Wesseling, Iris Wanzenböck and Marko Hekkert) DS 385: Facilitating sustainable transitions through innovative governance (Connor McGookin, Evan Boyle, Brian Ó Gallachóir, Ger Mullally and Edmond Byrne) Paper sessions DS 479 Promising research approaches for supporting food systems transformations (Carmen Priefer, Charlotte Beckh, Eva Hummel, Alexandra Heyer, and Ingrid Hoffmann) Paper session DS 345: Begin with the end in mind – Designing effective participatory processes to govern transformative change (Johannes Halbe, David Heimann, Laura Herzog, Martin Stark and Krystin Unverzagt)

17:00-18:30 Parallel sessions (Global South/paper session)

T1 Governance T1-T5 T3/T7
DS 348: Governing transitions in the Global South: Towards a shared research agenda and network activities (Katharina Schiller, Bipashyee Ghosh, Adriana Marotti de Mello and Oscar Romero Goyeneche) Paper sessions Speed talks

18:45-20:00 Parallel sessions (speed talks/dialogue session)

T2 Understanding Transitions T3 – T5 T6 Transitions in Practice T7/T9 T8
DS 463: Structural conditions for transformative climate policy and climate friendly living (Verena Madner, Klaus Kubeczko, Ernest Aigner and Andreas Novy) Speed talks DS 372 Science communication in times of social media (Julius Wesche) Speed talks paper session

Thursday, 20th August 2020

10:45-12:15 Parallel sessions (paper/dialogue session)

T1 Governance T2 Understanding Transitions T2-T5 T6 Transitions in Practice UTT Track T6-T9
DS 292: Implementation of Transformative R&I Programmes (Susanne Meyer and Michael Dinges) DS 306: A transition studies lens on the challenge of adapting to a changing climate (Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf, Catalina Dobre and Katharina Hölscher) Paper sessions DS 239 Towards a scope for transition studies of system innovations in sustainable agriculture and agri-food provision (Marc Barbier and Boelie Elzen) DS 47: Post-Projectification: Anticipating “the new normal” in urban experimentation” and urban living labs 2.0 (Jonas Bylund, Johannes Riegler and Caroline Wrangsten) Paper sessions

12:30-13:45 Parallel sessions (paper/dialogue session)

T1 Governance T1 Governance T2 Understanding Transitions T5 Organizations and Industries T6 Transitions in Practice T7 Geography of Transitions UTT Track T9 Methodologies
Paper session DS 150: Scales and Scaling in Transitions (Karoline Augenstein, Paula Boegel and Meike Levin-Keitel) DS 559: Tales of Tomorrow –Tackling the climate crisis – What do we value, what is the future vision we want to fight for? (Sonja Völler, Sybille Chiari, Katharina Toth and Patrick Scherhaufer) DS 82: Markets in sustainability transitions (Thomas Magnusson and Wouter Boon) Paper session DS 152: PED Labs for the energy transition – co-creation and stakeholder engagement (Christoph Gollner and Susanne Meyer) DS 254: Harnessing and mobilizing capacities for urban transitions and transformations (Jonas Torrens and Marc Wolfram) DS 387: Modelling sustainability transitions: challenges and opportunities (Tim Foxon, Jonathan Köhler, Karolina Safarzynska, Neil Strachan)

15:45-17:15 Making Transitions happen-The Viennese experience (parallel dialogue/paper sessions)

Making Transitions happen –
The Viennese experience
Making Transitions happen – The Viennese experience T1-T7 T9 Methodologies
DS 598: Smart City Vienna
(key panelist: Thomas Madreiter, Director of Planning, City of Vienna)
DS 599: Innovations for the future of social housing – IBA Vienna
(key panelist: Kurt Hofstetter, Coordinator IBA Vienna)
Paper sessions D343: Developing tools to facilitate systemic transformations: what works in practice and what can we learn from them? (Bipashyee Ghosh, Johan Schot and Carla Alvial Palavicino)

17:30-19:00 Parallel sessions (paper/dialogue session)

  T1 Governance T2 -T5 T5 Organizations and Industries UTT Track T8 Ethical Aspects
Beyond the Nest: Career paths and roles taken by transition professionals (NEST, Susan Mühlemeier and Anton Sentic)  START AT 18:00 DS 212 Indigeneity in Transitions (Stephen Williams and Andreanne Doyon) Paper sessions DG 319: TRANSFORM’s status quo & future pathways: Methodological reflections from working with SMEs in Canada, The Netherlands & Germany (Liliana Camacho and Verena Hermelingmeier) DS 383 Cities, citizens and scientists: transdisciplinary collaboration for Urban Transition and Transformation (Markus Egermann, Katharina Hölscher, Norbert Rost and Christine Linnartz) DS 410 Just Transition – Fairness in Climate Protection: A Union Perspective (Miron Passweg/powered by AK)

Friday, 21st Aug 2020

09:00-10:00 Parallel sessions (speed talks/dialogue session)

T1-T5 T7 Geography of Transitions T9 Methodologies
speed talks DS 388: Urban transition experiments in city networks: how to leverage impact? (Lars Coenen, Olga Kordas and Harald Rohracher) speed talks

10:15-11:45 Parallel sessions (paper/dialogue session)

T1 Governance T2 Understanding Transitions T1-T3 T1 Governance T8 Ethical Aspects  T9 Methodologies  
DS 323: Urban Transitions and Transformations research in the context of Climate Emergency (Emilia Smeds and Katharina Hölscher) D347: Learning and sustainability transitions: Towards a research agenda (P.J. Beers, Johannes Halbe, Barbara Van Mierlo, Geeske Scholz and Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf) Paper sessions DS 597: Learning and Evaluation Concepts for Regulatory Experimenting – from Energy Communities to renewable Hydrogen (Klaus Kubeczko, IEA-TCP ISGAN Annex 7 – SMART GRID TRANSITIONS)  Paper session DS 234: Exploring the link knowledge-action in our own transition research practices (Willington Ortiz Orozco, Benjamin Best, Juliane Lunge, Matthias Wanner and Annaliesa Hilger)  

12:00-13:30 Parallel sessions (paper/dialogue session)

T1 Governance T2 Understanding Transitions T3 Power & Agency T6 -T7 T9 Methodologies
Paper sessions DS 546: Individual and collective dynamics in sustainability transitions processes – how to explore hidden knowledge for structural change using a systemic constellation approach (Antje Disterheft and Denis Pijetlovic)  DS 447: Politics of the EU Green Deal (Fred Steward and Jon Bloomfield) Paper sessions D341: Together for net zero! On improving the science-practice interface in energy research (Susan Mühlemeier, Anton Sentic and Livia Fritz)

13:45-14:45 Parallel sessions (paper/dialogue session)

T1 Governance T1 Governance T3 Power & Agency T5-T8 T9 Methodologies
DS 520: The politics of deep socio-technical-ecological systems transformation (Christian Binz, Guido Caniglia and Helene Ahlborg) Speed talks DS 91: Social acceptance of renewable energy and the energy transition (Sara Alida Volkmer, Cristian Pons-Seres de Brauwer and Senni Määttä) Speed talks Paper session