The Conference will take place at the Campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). Apart from its impressive, award-winning architecture, WU’s modern campus also boasts a range of attractive dining options and publicly accessible grounds that encourage students, staff, and area residents to explore Campus WU and enjoy its unique atmosphere. 

Campus WU provides meeting places and open spaces and has given Vienna’s second district a whole new neighborhood. The central building, the Library & Learning Center, is surrounded by five building complexes designed by internationally renowned architects. 35,000m2 of the campus area is built up, the remaining 55,000 m2 are publicly accessible grounds.  25,000 students and 1,500 teachers, researchers and administrative staff study and work on Campus WU. 

In addition to traditional academic infrastructure facilities like classrooms, libraries, and offices, the campus also offers a number of facilities that are open to the public: restaurants, cafes, a bakery, a supermarket, bookstores, a childcare center, and an athletic center. The WU is an international university, as an important hub for global exchange, and as a place where students and teachers work together. Open-mindedness and diversity were already among the university’s key values at WU’s founding in 1898. 

As a research-intensive public university with a keen awareness ofits obligations to society, WU prepares its students to take on responsibilityin business and society. At WU, young people learn the business and economicsskills they need to contribute productively to facing today’s and tomorrow’seconomic, social, legal, and ecological challenges using future-orientedexpertise and responsible business behavior.  

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